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ECOASPIR series compact suction units specially designed to be lightweight and comfortable for home use. ECOASPIR has 1000 ml. disposable collection bottle with automatic float shut-off. Available both battery operated and mains operated models. Both meets the ISO 10079 standarts.


Main Features

• High Vacuum Capability, 550 mmHg

• Elegant, Small and Light weight, Portable Design

• Integrated Bacterial Filter

• Automatic Float Shut-off

• 1000 ml. Disposable Collection Bottle

• Available both battery operated and mains operated models

Technical Specifications


Mains Operated

Battery Operated


2200 gr*

3000 gr*


240 x 270 x 145 mm

240 x 270 x 145 mm

Collection Bottle Volume

1000 mL

1000 mL

Float Safety

Integrated Float Valve

Integrated Float Valve

Max. Vacuum

550 mmHg**

590 mmHg**

Min. Vacuum

100 mmHg**

100 mmHg**

Max. Flow

9 liter/min**

10 liter/min**


220 V/AC 50Hz

230 V/AC 50-60 Hz


80 watt

45 watt


* Weight of the unit does not include the collection bottle

** Conditions may vary on different atmospheric conditions